The Best Area To Stay At Port Orleans Riverside For Tourists

With more than 3,000 rooms spread across four very different accommodation areas, the Port Orleans Resort is the largest resort on the Walt Disney World campus. Of course, a lot of people have places of interest and this site strives to assist you in determining the best type of room and best area to stay at port Orleans riverside for you.

Please note that requests for accommodations that fall outside of the basic list you’ve booked and paid for are just—requests—and cannot be approved. However, there are instances when unintended shocks can be even more enjoyable than arranging your trip meticulously. Here are detailed reviews of the best area to stay at port Orleans riverside.

The Best Area To Stay At Port Orleans Riverside

The Best Area To Stay At Port Orleans Riverside

French Quarter is significantly smaller than Riverside, divided into two separate areas with 1,024 rooms each. Whatever field you like is purely a matter of preference; While I myself enjoy the more remote, quieter serenity of the smaller lodges at Alligator Bayou, many other guests love the elegant romance of the Magnolia Bend villa structures. Some users also commented that Alligator Bayou’s country theme felt a bit “basic” and they liked the relative opulence of the villa building rooms.

The Magnolia Bend section is split in half with the opening of the new Royal themed Living Room in spring 2012. This further changes the situation. Acadian House and Magnolia Terrace still offer standard resort rooms, but Oak Manor and Parterre Place currently only offer 512 new Royal Guest Rooms.

However, the actual facilities provided in the are largely the same in all sections — see the Rooms page for details — while only the decor and furnishings are different. topic. The only outstanding feature of the Alligator Bayou area is that it has the only Moderate resort rooms on the premises of the best area to stay at port orleans riverside that can legally accommodate 5 guests thanks to an extra Murphy bed. (child size, about 63″ x 30″) located above the party bench. At Alligator Bayou, rooms with King Beds also come with an additional rollaway bed, making it possible for these rooms to accommodate 3 guests.

The Magnolia Bend Mansion Buildings

The Magnolia Bend Mansion Buildings

Magnolia Bend is made up of four three-storey villa structures, each with 256 rooms, surrounded by an attractive courtyard space with comfortable seating areas, fountains and landscaped gardens. There are two other tranquil pools in the Magnolia Bend neighborhood in addition to the main pool on Ol ‘Man Island, which is directly across the river from the manor buildings. Lifts are only available in this Riverside area and they are located on the middle three floors of each building.

The riverfront rooms of this best area to stay at port Orleans riverside are often preferred as they offer quicker access to amenities and great views. Although the view of the parking lot is less appealing, the opposite sides of the mansion buildings are more practical for easy access to the parking lots and the East and North Bus Terminal.

You can stroll straight across the island to the main building lobby, shops, restaurants, and more. from Acadian House and Magnolia Terrace, located closest to the pool on Ol’ Man Island over a wooden bridge. In addition, the North and East Warehouses are very accessible.

Just a short walk from the main building to the South Depot bus terminal and ferry terminal, Oak Manor and Parterre Place, home to the new Royal Guest Rooms, are located a little further south and near the second bridge. than. The closest Royal place to access the main buildings is usually Oak Manor, this best area to stay at port Orleans riverside not far from the East bus station.

On the other side, Parterre Place is the furthest of the four villa structures, making access to some of its more isolated rooms difficult. However, the best-located Royal Chambers are those on its northernmost wing, with some rooms just a few yards from the bridge leading to the main structure.

The Alligator Bayou Lodges

The Alligator Bayou Lodges

With sixteen rustically designed two-story Lodges (64 rooms each), Alligator Bayou depicts the less affluent areas of the pre-war Old South. The Lodges are nestled within a vast network of impromptu streams, ponds and lush green areas. These structures are generally more peaceful and comfortable than the residences at Magnolia Bend because they are smaller and more dispersed. It can be a long walk from some of the furthest structures to Ol’ Man Island, so the Alligator Bayou section also has three quieter pools. Note that none of the Alligator Bayou motels have an elevator.

The location of Lodging 14 in Alligator Bayou, next to the food court and a short walk from the main South Depot bus stop, is definitely a boon. Alternatively, you can stroll across the main bridge to the swimming pool on Ol’ Man Island, also just a short distance away. Although some have complained that there is a lot of traffic near the location, Port Orleans Riverside is too large and spread out, with many meandering roads leading to various locations, and anyway. , the rooms are located back from the main aisle. really not a big deal.

The next best motels are 15, 16, 17, 18 and 27 as they are all still just a short walk from all amenities. I suppose in an ideal world, my personal preference would be the river-facing suites (numbered 1409 to 1416) closest to the food court, or possibly the suite above those if you like upstairs. The best area to stay at port Orleans riverside can be a corner unit, like room 1412.

Hostels 24, 25, 26 and 28 are a short distance away and are located in the quieter Alligator Bayou area. Each room has a recreational pool and quick access to the West Depot bus terminal. This is the best area to stay at port orleans riverside if you don’t care too much about getting to the main buildings quickly or if you want a more remote area with a short walk to your car and bus stop nearest.

On the other side of Ol’ Man Island, there is the last group of buildings. The most isolated motels, 34 to 39, are located between the West and North Bus Terminals. Some of these rooms have views of the parking lot, but others have stunning views of another recreational pool. Many of these buildings are difficult to recommend as they can be conveniently walking distance from everything, and after a long day at the theme park, another ten minute walk back to your room is probably the last thing you need. The exception is motel 38, which is located along the riverside path and also offers easy access to Ol’ Man Island.


Above are our reviews of the best area to stay at port orleans riverside. Evaluate your criteria and make decisions that fit the needs of yourself, family and friends.

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