The Detailed Review Princess Rooms At Port Orleans Riverside

“Have a nice day, princess!” Despite my age and the fact that I’m not from royalty, the cordial greeting you often hear from Disney actors really makes me feel a little more regal. During a recent trip to Disney World, I decided it was time to reclaim the throne by booking princess rooms at port Orleans riverside – Riverside that’s just right for a princess like me.

Louisiana Bayou is the inspiration for the resort’s overall design, which includes a steamboat ticket office-themed lobby, a sawmill-themed water slide at the pool, and a fishing pond with lots of fish. I’m not the majority of guests; instead, stay in princess rooms at port Orleans riverside with a subtle Southern aesthetic and allusions to “The Princess and the Frog,” set in New Orleans. Luckily, I was able to find comfortable accommodation in one of the resort’s “Royal Lounges”.

Here’s a glimpse of what princess rooms at port Orleans riverside have to offer if you too want to be treated like a king or queen on your upcoming trip to Walt Disney World.

How Are Princess Rooms At Port Orleans Riverside

The Entrance Is Grand

Princess rooms at port Orleans riverside are set in luxurious white-pillar houses on the banks of the Sassagoula River. From the main area of the resort, where the pool, dining and check-in facilities are located, you have to cross a bridge to get there. The boardwalk takes you to a series of buildings with manicured lawns, bubbling fountains, and stately stairs as you cross to the other side (lifts are also available).

My room was in the Parterre Place building, which added to the royal feel by hanging banners with Disney princesses’ names on lampposts around the courtyard.

Keep in mind that the structures are located quite far from the main area of the hotel. In order to save me from having to carry my suitcase up to my room, the luggage attendant offered to drive me to my room by golf cart (unfortunately, not a carriage). Although I declined, I am grateful that they provided that service.

Your Favorite Disney Stories Are Included

As soon as I entered the space of princess rooms at port Orleans riverside, I recognized the decorations inspired by Disney princess movies. The wall by the bed hung with portraits of Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, and their companions. In the foyer, the silhouettes of their suitors are displayed on banners and rugs resembling Aladdin’s magic carpet.

I’m constantly discovering new elements that contribute to the princess motif in princess rooms at port Orleans riverside. The shower curtain is decorated with golden starfish, sand dollars, and a “dinglehopper” from “The Little Mermaid”, and the faucet is made to resemble the genie’s golden lamp from “Aladdin”. Wooden furniture decorated with gold inlays.

The Star Of The Show Is Tiana

princess rooms at port orleans riverside

Princess Tiana is the most prominent princess among those present in princess rooms at port orleans riverside. There was a letter from Tiana herself welcoming me to my room and urging me to make myself at home and enjoy making great memories while I was there, as well as a giant, framed portrait Tiana’s elaborate hanging on a crimson and gold velvet chair.

The beds in these royal living suites are pièce de résistance. Dark blues and purples are used to paint the swamp at night on the headboard that extends all the way to the ceiling. The nightstand mysteriously comes to life when you press a small button on the side of the bed as fireworks explode across the swampy sky and fireflies light up the night.

A Few Amenities Are Outdated

When Port Orleans – Riverside reopened after a brief pandemic closure by Disney World, most of the hotel’s rooms had been restored, but most of the princess rooms at port Orleans riverside had not. That means some amenities are outdated, but overall I think this is a good thing as I am happy with the complex theme.

The television was smaller and older than I’d seen in other Disney World hotel rooms, and there was no USB connection to be found anywhere in the room. Most people have updated their remotes with channel guides and other functions by now, but it just lets you browse through all the channels.

Peaceful Space

Peaceful Space

I have stayed at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort before, but this was my first time staying in princess rooms at port Orleans riverside. I’ve been to the French Quarter before; it quickly rose to the top of my list of favorite Disney resorts. The French Quarter is Riverside’s sibling property.

I adore the resort’s peaceful seaside location and many walking paths to explore. The resort is surrounded by woodland and the architecture (especially in the New Orleans-themed accommodations in Port Orleans – French Quarter) is Louisianan. I was also able to take a leisurely ferry from the hotel to Disney Springs because of its location along the Sassagoula River.

The Cost Is Fairly Affordable

Everything in Disney World is relative when talking about prices. The Royal Guest Rooms aren’t exactly a “budget-friendly alternative,” but they only cost a little bit more per night than regular accommodation at Port Orleans — Riverside. For example, a basic river view room on February 15, 2023, would cost $364.00 per night + tax. The cost of a Royal Guest Room with a river view is just $17 extra per night, or $381 plus tax.


If your family is princess-obsessed, the theming of Disney’s Port Orleans Resort’s Riverside Royal Guest Rooms is perfect, and the cost difference between a basic hotel and a room suited for royalty is little. Princess design may seem over the top to some.

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