Royal Rooms At Port Orleans Riverside Review With The Coolest Information

Consider booking one of the Royal Rooms at Port Orleans riverside if you want little extra royalties on your upcoming trip to Walt Disney World. If you have a little princess in need of something special, a stay at Port Orleans Riverside could be the answer. These are the only princess-themed rooms in the resort. Here are all the benefits and drawbacks of the Port Orleans Royal Riverside Room as a superior room.

We chose Port Orleans Riverside Resort on our most recent trip to Walt Disney World for a number of reasons. The setting promises to be more peaceful and quiet than what we will experience at Value Resorts and the cost is higher than at Boardwalk Resorts.

We decided to upgrade to the Royal Rooms at Port Orleans riverside to see what all the hype was about to add a little extra to this trip. We wanted to find out if the Royal Port Orleans Riverside Rooms were expensive enough after a very disappointing and expensive stay at the Pirate Rooms of the Caribbean Beach Resort. Therefore, we crossed our arms as we entered the Royal Living Room with Forest View that we had booked.

Royal Rooms At Port Orleans Riverside Locations

The Royal rooms at Port Orleans Riverside are ideally situated for quick access to the bridges that cross the river and can be found in the Magnolia Bend neighborhood of Port Orleans Riverside. Keeping you a reasonable distance from the eateries, souvenir shops, and boat port. This resort has two buildings with 512 Royal Rooms that have been furnished and themed. The Riverside Resort’s Royal Guest Rooms are housed in Oak Manor Building 90 and Parterre Place Building 95.

It’s crucial to have a room within a manageable walking distance given the size of this resort. If proximity to facilities is a top concern for you, be aware that you can easily request a Magnolia Bend room without paying the additional fee for a Royal Room.

Bus Transportation Of Royal Rooms At Port Orleans Riverside

Bus Transportation Of Royal Rooms At Port Orleans Riverside

The South Depot Bus stop is a short walk from the Royal Rooms in terms of location. The resort’s Main Lobby is situated here as well. Be aware that of the four bus stops at Riverside, the South Depot site is the LAST STOP on the way to and from the parks and is the closest to the Magnolia Bend buildings.

Nevertheless, on occasion, the bus will already be completely full when it arrives at the South Depot. Additionally, you’ll have to wait at three additional bus stops on your way home from work in the evenings. Although this wasn’t a major problem during our visit, it’s still useful to know if you’re taking little children.

Royal Rooms At Port Orleans Riverside Types

There are various view options available for the Royal Rooms. You may see the Sassagoula River from Riverview Rooms. Windows in the Garden View Rooms provide views of the garden, lawn, or fountain area. Standard View and Pool View Most rooms have views of the pool or other green areas.

However, just like a motel, every room has an exterior entrance, so any “view” you may see will actually be the other side of that outdoor hallway. As a result, it is not essential to pay extra for a view. It’s not like the Boardwalk Inn, where each room has a view and a balcony. Port Orleans Riverside Room Types shouldn’t be a major deciding factor in your stay because there are no balconies here.

Royal Rooms At Port Orleans Riverside Theme

The Royal Rooms at Port Orleans Riverside are all about Disney Princesses, as would be expected. A little prince might find the chamber “too girlie” even though there are some silhouette images of their individual princes.

These rooms, which are referred to as the Princess Rooms at Port Orleans Riverside, also have portrait pictures of each princess. Here, we have representations of Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Tiana, Aurora, and Snow White. There are also royal accents scattered around the space, so the theme doesn’t end there.

Royal Rooms At Port Orleans Riverside Decor

Royal Rooms At Port Orleans Riverside Decor

Themeing from a classic castle permeates the Royal Rooms at Port Orleans Riverside. These rooms have a castle-like feel thanks to the heavy dark wood furniture, moldings, and wallpaper border with princess pals in a faux wood grain. These Royal Rooms are elaborately themed, as opposed to a room that is merely adorned.

There are unique features in this room that you won’t find in other bedrooms, such as the sturdy wood bed frame and the sturdy wood dresser filigreed with gold swirls. There are various other “Royal” details throughout the room in addition to the Princess and Prince portraits. This motif is represented by a large light fixture, a decorative television box with a case, a patterned carpet with a faux throw rug, and more.

Royal Rooms At Port Orleans Riverside Amenities

You can locate a coffee maker and beverage chiller, just like at any Moderate Resort at Walt Disney World. The bathroom is separate from the sink area and comes with built-in shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Only a curtain divided the bathroom from the sink area, unlike recently renovated rooms at other resorts. Although the beds have queen mattresses, they are not equipped with an under-bed storage space for suitcases. Additionally, the television is a smart TV that supports casting from personal devices. usually a plus when you’re prepared to unwind with your preferred program.

Royal Rooms At Port Orleans Riverside Cost 

With the exception of the lack of more convenient park transportation, Port Orleans Riverside is among the greatest moderate resorts at Walt Disney World ( like the Skyliner or Monorail.) As a result, the regular costs for a stay in a typical room range from $220 to 450 per night. Typically, a Preferred Room carries a $35 per night surcharge. Royal Rooms often have an additional $60 per night fee. You might or might not find this expense to be a barrier. Although neither of them has princess suites, if we’re paying the greater price, we’d rather look at Animal Kingdom Lodge with its views of animals on the savanna or Boardwalk Inn with easy access to the Skyliner.

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