The Most Interesting Things To Do At Port Orleans Riverside You Must Try!

A truly picturesque resort, Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside is located at the mouth of the Sassagoula River.

This Disney resort offers a casual atmosphere inspired by New Orleans, Louisiana. Riverside respects Nola’s rural areas with structures modeled on graceful cottages and palatial white-pillar mansions. Are you wondering what are the most interesting things to do at Port Orleans Riverside? You will be very surprised by what we will show you in this article. Just take note now.

The Wonderful Things To Do At Port Orleans Riverside

Things To Do At Port Orleans Riverside

Explore The Resort

This is the first activity of the best things to do at Port Orleans Riverside. As you explore Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside property, you’ll find many fascinating features and secret nooks and crannies to explore. This resort is modeled after the pre-war homes of the Old South. You may see some crocodiles during the trip, although they are usually quite shy and prefer to stay out of sight. The gardens and river are especially beautiful.

Relax By The Pool

Port Orleans Riverside has two swimming pools for guests to use, each with its own unique atmosphere. The pool on Ol’ Man Island is the larger of the two and features a 67-foot waterslide, hot tub, and children’s play area. The much smaller swimming pool at the Royal guest rooms is more peaceful and includes a hot tub. Both pools are surrounded by loungers and cabanas, so you can relax by the water and soak up the sun. Therefore, this is one of the best things to do at Port Orleans Riverside

Go Fishing

Go Fishing

If you’re interested in fishing this is one of the best things to do at Port Orleans Riverside, you can rent a rod from the resort’s marina and try your luck at catching bass, catfish, and other types of fish in the resort’s fishing holes. You don’t need a fishing license to fish at the resort, and the marina staff can provide tips and assistance to help you get started. Please note that there is size and catch limits in place to help preserve the natural habitat, so be sure to follow the posted rules and regulations.

Play A Round Of Golf

If you are a golf lover, this is can the best of the coolest things to do at Port Orleans Riverside, you can play a round at the Oak Trail Golf Course, located in the Port Orleans Riverside resort. The 9-hole, par 36 walking course is suitable for players of all skill levels. It is surrounded by natural beauty, with oak trees, cypress swamps and other native plants providing a picturesque setting.

The course features some challenging bunkers and underwater obstacles, so you’ll need to bring your A game. Golf clubs, trolleys and other equipment are available for rent, and there’s also a pro shop where you can buy souvenirs and other items.

Dine At The Resort

Dine At The Resort

After all the above things to do at Port Orleans Riverside, this is the activity you must try. Port Orleans Riverside has a variety of dining options to choose from, so you can enjoy a variety of meals and snacks throughout your stay. Here are some of the dining options you’ll find at the resort:

  • Riverside Mill Food Court: This food court serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and offers a variety of quick-service options like sandwiches, pizza, burgers, and more.
  • Boatwright’s Dining Hall: This sit-down restaurant serves lunch and dinner, and offers a menu of hearty Southern dishes like gumball, jambalaya, and black catfish.
  • Muddy Rivers Pool Bar: This poolside bar serves sandwiches, salads and other snacks, as well as a variety of drinks and cocktails.
  • River Roost Lounge: This lounge is located in the main building of the resort and serves a wide range of cocktails, beers and wines in a cozy and casual setting.
  • In-room dining: If you prefer to dine in the comfort of your own room, you can order room service from a range of menu items.

Rent A Boat

What are the most interesting things to do at Port Orleans Riverside? If you’re looking for a unique way to explore the resort, you can rent a boat or kayak from the marina and start your own adventure. The waterways at Port Orleans Riverside are peaceful and picturesque, and you’ll have the chance to see alligators, ducks, and other wildlife as you paddle along.

Boats and kayaks are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis, and marina staff can provide safety guidance and assistance to get you started. Please note that all guests must wear life jackets and there are size and capacity limitations for everyone’s safety.

Take A Walk Along The Sassagoula River

The Sassagoula River is a beautiful and peaceful place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the resort. There are several walking paths along the river that offer great views of the water and surrounding area. You can stroll along the paths and enjoy the views and sounds of the river, or stop and sit on one of the benches and watch the boats go by. The walking paths are well-maintained and easy to navigate, so it’s a great way to get some exercise and admire the beauty of the resort.

Visit The Arcade

This is one of the best things to do at Port Orleans Riverside. The arcade in Port Orleans Riverside is a great place to have fun and pass the time. It is located in the main building of the resort and has many games and activities to keep you entertained.

You’ll find classic arcade games like pinball, skee-ball, and arcade games, as well as newer games like laser tag and virtual reality. The arcade is open daily and is a great place to visit with kids or with a group of friends. Please note that some games and activities may incur additional charges.


Port Orleans Riverside is a beautiful area and has a lot of interesting activities around it. This is not only a resort with beautiful and comfortable resorts, you can participate in exciting activities and enjoy the surrounding natural scenery.

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