The Most Exactly Port Orleans Riverside Disney Reviews

Port Orleans Resort — Riverside (also known as port Orleans riverside Disney or “Riverside”) is a mid-range Walt Disney World hotel. Riverside is often mentioned in Walt Disney World’s trip planner as one of the top mid-range resorts due to its low rates and large number of rooms. Should you go to this lovely resort next to the Sassagoula River? Continue reading port Orleans riverside disney reviews to find out!

Port Orleans Riverside Disney Reviews

Port Orleans Riverside Disney Reviews

Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort Theme

On port Orleans riverside Disney reviews, this mid-range Disney resort has a serene and sophisticated atmosphere. There are paths, foliage, gazebos and small fountains dotted around the bay. Ideal for glamorous photo backgrounds or cozy spots to curl up and read. It’s extremely quiet here. We repeat that because this is not a resort frequented by a high school, cheerleading squad, or pageant. That being said, if you want to be alone, this is the resort for you.

Magnolia Bend and Alligator Bayou are two sections of the old south at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort. Each area has its own personality, and if you’re wondering where to stay at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort and what building to request, here are some things to consider.

Magnolia Bend

This part of the resort is decorated in Old Southern style, including plantation-style cottages. With wide gardens, walkways, fountains and the general opulence of the early 19th century. Acadian House, Parterre Place, Oak Manor and Magnolia Terrace are four buildings in this area.

We stayed in the Magnolia Terrace and Oak Manor buildings, just across the street from the Sassasougla Steamboat Company, home to the main restaurants, gift shop and lounge. We had easy access to everything on the opposite side of the river. Magnolia Bend’s rooms are decorated with classic light wood furnishings and offer views of the southern countryside, with hints of Princess and Frog throughout.

Bayou Crocodile

On port Orleans riverside Disney reviews, the area around Alligator Bayou is full of Old Louisiana motels. These buildings are numbered rather than named, and they have a rural southern feel with shady walkways, old bridges, and a stream throughout.

The structures closest to the main buildings are the Sassagoula Steamboat Company and the Southern Bus Terminal, located at 14, 15, 18 and 27. These are more appropriate rooms, however, they can be used as rooms. request. Unlike the rooms at Magnolia Bend, the wooden rooms are darker and have a more rustic feel. Ray the Alligator from Princess and the Frog makes regular appearance

Port Orleans Riverside Disney Reviews Grounds

Port Orleans Riverside Disney Reviews

The grounds at Disney Port Orleans are breathtaking. Very mature and respectful. As a result, the external structures do not have giant animatronics, statues, or Disney-related artifacts. There are a few allusions to Princess Tiana here and there, but this is not a “Disney” resort.

While we love the elegant resort experience as well as the next person, we wouldn’t visit Disney if we didn’t anticipate some of the Disney activities. On the other hand, this isn’t such a terrible thing! The theme of this resort, like the theme of Animal Kingdom Lodge, is strong enough to stand on its own without a bunch of Disney characters.

Port Orleans Riverside Disney Reviews Restaurants

Port Orleans Riverside contains only a couple of eateries, none of which are very noteworthy. However, the resort’s closeness to the French Quarter provides even more culinary alternatives. For example, the Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory sells beignets and New Orleans-inspired cuisine, but you’ll have to go to the French Quarter to get it. If you want something easy and close to home, visit any of Port Orlean’s Riverside Restaurants. There is a quick service restaurant, a table service restaurant, a pool bar, and a lounge.

Port Orleans Riverside Disney Reviews Royal Rooms

princess rooms at port orleans riverside

If you want the royal treatment, book the Royal Rooms at Port Orlean’s Riverside. These accommodations, which cost roughly $60 more per night, include more Disney-inspired decor appropriate for a princess. And, unlike the Pirates Rooms at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, which will be phased out in 2023, reports of the Royal Rooms have been positive.

Paying close attention to detail and providing great positions inside the resort for easy access to and from everything. The design is accented with gilded swirls and Magical lamp gold faucets. These apartments are every princess’s dream, with tassels on the tapestry drapes and princess paintings on the walls.

While the price difference between these rooms and Disney’s Boardwalk Inn or Animal Kingdom Lodge may not justify choosing this over Disney’s Boardwalk Inn or Animal Kingdom Lodge, if you’re traveling with children, this room is a great way to add more Disney to a resort that isn’t covered in Disney IP.

Port Orleans Riverside Disney Reviews Transportation

Riverside has some great perks in addition to the standard resort offers. We were smitten by the covered bus stations, strolling trails around the property, and easy access to Disney Springs! Here’s a look at what’s on offer at Riverside.


The only way to get to the parks in Port Orleans Riverside is by bus. We recommend checking the resort area of your My Disney Experience App for bus wait times when traveling from the resort to the parks. Because they can change during the day depending on how busy things are.

The buses will stop at each of Port Orleans Riverside’s four bus stops before proceeding to the parks, which can take some time. EPCOT and Hollywood Studios were around a 10-15 minute bus ride away from the Disney Port Orleans Resort. It takes about 15-20 minutes to get to Magic Kingdom and about 20-25 minutes to get to Animal Kingdom.


We liked that this Disney Resort with Ferry Boat Access included stops at Disney Springs and the French Quarter Resort. Whether you choose to mosey over to Disney Springs in the morning or catch the ferry back to your resort later at night, the ferry comes every 20 minutes and travels every 20 minutes all day. A terrific alternative if you want to stay at the resort one day to avoid the busy parks, but still want to go somewhere nice for lunch or shopping without having to drive or wait for the bus!

Port Orleans Riverside Disney Reviews Pools

Old Man’s Island

The resort’s main pool is located on ‘Ol Man Island and is a nice pool to try if you’re looking for something rustic and fun. This pool is designed in the style of a watering hole. The pool’s theme is “abandoned sawmill,” and it has a 95-foot-long waterslide as well as daily activities and games. This 3.5-acre river island also has a whirlpool tub, a kiddie pool, and the Muddy Rivers pool bar.

The main pool was not overcrowded, with many guests preferring to stay at the pools around their own buildings. Of course, it was 95 degrees outside in September, and who wants to walk any further than necessary?

Leisure Pools

Each building has its own pool, and they are all in a very beautiful, laid-back atmosphere; you could easily spend all day sitting at the pool. Alligator Bayou has three pools while Magnolia Bend has two. While there are no poolside bars at the smaller pools, you may always head to the main pool on ‘Ol Man Island for beverages and munchies to bring back.

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