The Best Room At Port Orleans Riverside With 5th Sleeper Review

Port Orleans Riverside is a Disney World favorite for good reason. This is a great place to stay because of its beautiful atmosphere, quiet riverside streets, and decent meals. Depending on your preference, some of the Port Orleans Riverside rooms even include a 5th bedroom or a princess room. Check out our best room at port orleans riverside review with a fifth bed and read more about the differences between Port Orleans Riverside and Port Orleans French Quarter.

The Best Room At Port Orleans Riverside Review

best room at port orleans riverside

You’ve probably figured that Port Orleans Riverside is one of my favorite Disney World resorts. While the large grounds can be intimidating at first, the beautiful tree-lined streets and river views make this resort a peaceful haven.

Riverside has a main pool on Ol’ Man Island, but other recreational pools are scattered around the resort, so you’ll never be far from a pool.

Fast Service in Port Orleans Riverside Dining is surprisingly good thanks to smartphone ordering, which makes dining very quick and easy. Boatwright recently reopened and I expect the meal to be better than the last time we were there.

Check out this article for a closer look at the best room at port orleans riverside, eateries, pools and bike rentals in Port Orleans Waterfront.

The Best Room At Port Orleans Riverside with 5th Sleeper

Riverside Bedroom

Riverside Bedroom

About the best room at port Orleans riverside. Crisp white linens, warm wood tones and dark blue accents greet you upon entering the Riverside resort’s room. Lanterns illuminate the bed and a couch that looks like a stack of wooden shipping crates are two lovely touches in the Alligator Bayou style.

Please note that there are slight stylistic differences between the Port Orleans Riverside Magnolia Bend and Alligator Bayou rooms, although they are purely aesthetic rather than functional.

The focal point of the room are two queen beds separated by a modest nightstand. A small wooden table and two chairs near the door are ideal for dining or working while in the room.

A small cabinet adjacent to the bench holds a coffee maker and utensils above, as well as a compact refrigerator hidden below. Two shelves surround the cabinet and are ideal for keeping snacks or breakfast items in the room.

Instead of a couch, most rooms have a large wardrobe. This is because the bench is the 5th bed, where the mural of Louis, Tiana and Prince Naveen is hidden. Folds like a couch during the day and converts into a double bed at night.

Since Riverside’s 5th bedroom lacks a wardrobe, three small drawers are located behind the bench. I like the possibility of having 5 people in a room in Port Orleans Riverside, but I don’t think there’s enough storage space for that many.

Port Orleans Riverside Bathroom Area

Port Orleans Riverside Bathroom Area

Exploring this best room at port Orleans riverside will reveal interesting details about the Princess and the Frog. Tiana and Prince Naveen in frog form gaze out over the bay through the blackout curtain separating the bedroom from the bathroom. Ray is also depicted on the Riverside shower curtain looking up at the night sky, falling in love with his mistress, Evangeline.

A room on the Port Orleans Waterfront doesn’t have a dresser or dresser but instead has a large hanging rod near the bathroom sink. Upper shelf stores extra blankets and can be used as additional storage. The room safe is hidden in the corner of the bathroom.

With double sinks and a divider between the shower area and the sink, multiple people can be ready at the same time. Although I like the split bathroom, the shower area and toilet feel a bit cramped when closed.

The lovely wood grain paneling in our Alligator Bayou room gave the bathroom an elegantly rustic atmosphere. Bulk bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are mounted on the back wall of the shower and provided as needed throughout your stay.

We just had a rain shower, which I know is important to some families.

Riverside Room Accessibility

princess rooms at port orleans riverside

Buildings in Port Orleans Riverside often have stairs and no elevators. This implies that guests with strollers must lug them up a few stairs for first-floor rooms or a long flight of stairs for second-floor ones.

Guests with limited mobility can request an accessible accommodation.

Port Orleans Riverside Woods View

About best room at port orleans riverside, I chose a Riverside woods view room since I liked the beautiful vistas and the relative quiet of the neighborhood. The only drawback was that my 5th sleeper woods view room was a considerable walk from the lobby and eating options.

The Port Orleans Riverside 5th sleeper woods view room included the following wonderful amenities:

  • Floors made of laminate
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Bathroom with separate sinks
  • Between the bedroom and the bathroom, there is a blackout curtain.
  • Mini Refrigerator
  • Sleeps five people

Wi-Fi in The Room

Your Riverside stay includes free Wi-Fi in your room. My room offers enough WiFi to work and socialize, but it’s unstable when streaming video.

Riverfront Parking in Port Orleans

Riverfront self-parking is $20 per night for hotel guests.

Park Transportation

Waterfront in Port Orleans To Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios

There are four bus stops in Port Orleans Riverside, so you’re never far from one. Disney World buses are the only way to get to the theme parks from Riverside.

Disney Springs To Waterfront

There are two ways to get from Port Orleans Riverside to Disney Springs. From Riverside Marina, take a bus or boat to Disney Springs.


Disney World’s Port Orleans Riverside is a tranquil resort ideal for cycling, swimming, or simply resting after a day at the theme parks. The riverside rooms are cozy and have nice touches like laminate floors, separate bathrooms with blackout curtains, and lovely The Princess and the Frog decorations.

Our 5th best room at port Orleans riverside in Riverside is fully equipped for larger families with plenty of sleeping space. The 5th bedroom has made good use of the space by not cramming the room with furniture, although it lacks storage space.

Not sure if Disney World’s Port Orleans Riverside is for you? To locate the ideal hotel, use this overview of all Disney World resort types, as well as our favorite resorts in each category.

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