The Overal Port Orleans Riverside Breakfast Review At Crystal Palace

You’ve definitely considered Crystal Palace if you’re looking for a port Orleans riverside breakfast at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Winnie the Pooh and her companions appear at this character’s meal. Breakfast is the focus of this section, but you can also have lunch and dinner with the characters. In this Crystal Palace breakfast review, we’ll share our impressions of the food, how the characters interact, and the restaurant’s atmosphere, with photos, added for accurate measurements. . We’ll also look at how this breakfast affects getting inside the park before it officially opens.

All meals at Crystal Palace are buffets, including breakfast. As a result, the breakfast menu is quite generic as most focus on self-catering meals. A meal here requires a table service credit if you’re on the port Orleans riverside breakfast meal plan. Given the out-of-pocket dining costs here, this is a great use of your waitress credit. However, since lunch and dinner character meals are more expensive, we generally recommend pre-booking your credits for them.

Port Orleans Riverside Breakfast Review At Crystal Palace

port orleans riverside breakfast

The Décor at Crystal Palace 

When it comes to theme and decor, Crystal Palace is clearly the winner in our port orleans riverside breakfast. It was inspired by Victorian greenhouses from the late 1800s and contains a substantial amount of glass, allowing enough light into the dining area. This keeps the restaurant bright and lively.

Since it’s a greenhouse, there are a lot of plants in the restaurant. The flora that greets you as you approach the restaurant is the most striking display. Spend time admiring the Pooh bonsai hidden within the vegetation instead of just passing by.

They are great fun details that help tie the Pooh and greenhouse characters together. To be fair, this wasn’t always Pooh’s character-centric lunch, but it was an unusual pairing. There are also a lot of eateries whose themes have nothing to do with the characters. The Seasonal Dines in Hollywood and Vine are a prime example of this.

However, the theme and atmosphere of Crystal Palace port orleans riverside breakfast is amazing. We have always enjoyed dining here because of the restaurant’s distinct look and atmosphere.

But enough of that; Come to the food in our Crystal Palace brunch review! After all, we are here to eat.

The Crystal Palace Breakfast 

port orleans riverside breakfast

When it comes to Disney World buffets, you need to always be cautious about where you dine. If you add breakfast to the previous sentence, it becomes doubly true. That’s not because there’s no really poor breakfast buffet; rather, not much will blow you away. The breakfast buffet at Disney World is a bit standard, especially around the resorts. We’ve discovered some great breakfast experiences if you dine in the park. I still remember our Garden Grill brunch at Epcot.

In my opinion, the breakfast of Crystal Palace port Orleans riverside breakfast follows the trend of high-end buffet breakfast in the parks. We thought the dinner was wonderful. Now, I would warn that you have to be careful about what you buy. Eggs are the usual mass-produced eggs (presumably from the carton) found in most places and I don’t think they’re particularly tasty. But if you like what looks delicious and fresh, you’ll be fine.

Pancakes and French toast are popular breakfast items at places where I feel excellent. The French toast is shown in the photo below, and it’s definitely one of my favorites. I don’t care if it’s on the Pooh’s Corner Kids’ Buffet.

If you like omelets, they have a made-to-order omelet stand. They will prepare it fresh for you with whatever ingredients you choose. Delicious slices of fresh smoked salmon and other side dishes perfectly complement your Crystal Palace breakfast mains.

The port Orleans riverside breakfast buffet also includes standard items like cookies & gravy and Mickey waffles. Unfortunately, the heat lamp causes the cookies to harden. Like I said before, if you’re careful with what you buy, you’ll be fine.

port orleans riverside breakfast

With two different and unusual Crystal Palace port Orleans riverside breakfast options, as well as a number of other standard dishes, I feel the cuisine here is worth eating.

There are several kid-friendly options on the buffet. I have no doubt that the kids will love this dinner. French toast has a perfectly deep-fried crust that surrounds the soft and delicious interior of French toast. All are covered in a layer of sweetness that complements each other well. This is the kind of special thing that every breakfast establishment should have.

Besides that, there are some more interesting foods. Breakfast Lasagna, which I believe should be renamed Dessert Breakfast, was another highlight for me. Layers of waffles, pancakes, and muffins are topped with pastry cream and caramelized sugar in this delicious breakfast treat. It’s both sweet and delicious! And, like Disney Daily Dime, I forgot to take a picture of it.


If you asked me what to expect from our port Orleans riverside breakfast at our Crystal Palace, I would answer that the character interactions are great and the food is casual but a bit bland. Reality is not always what you expect.

I assume the character interactions at Crystal Palace were simply a bad day for whatever reason. Carla and I have eaten here many times and have never had such an experience. Isn’t it true that no one is perfect? Lunch also allows you to catch some of Disney’s most elusive characters. If you like Pooh and his friends, you should definitely visit them.

Assuming that’s the case, you’ll enjoy a wonderful early morning stroll on the fairly spacious Main Street before heading to the Magic Kingdom for some quiet time.

Surprisingly decent meal for breakfast and well worth a visit. Think French Toast and Breakfast Lasagna.

One thing you shouldn’t use the Crystal Palace port orleans riverside breakfast for is to get a competitive edge when touring. If that’s the case, you should dine at Be Our Guest.

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