Water company completes successful digital and financial transformation, positions itself for further growth

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Whether it’s an AI-powered budgeting service such as Digit or an instant payment platform such as PayPal, digital transformation has completely shifted the customer-facing section of the industry. It’s critical for the finance world to shift toward digital practices, to keep up with emerging technology, and address the needs of consumers. The industry has already witnessed the benefits of client-facing digital transformation initiatives, though it is lacking when it comes to back-office digitization efforts. The system-based collection of qualitative data and digital control for transparent approval processes has significantly increased the speed of planning activities.

The Benefits of Digital Transformation in The Finance Industry

Payment processors have turned to new networks, such as unique identifying tokens that use email or phone number in order for clients to share financial details and make electronic deposits while protecting sensitive information. These include the use of mobile remote deposit capture , which allows digital financial transformation consumers to process transactions in their own time from anywhere. For example, we have an enterprise-level “I’m an Ally Award,” begin CFO staff meetings with 15-minute diverse talent features and have established ongoing talent planning routines, keeping talent leadership front and center.

As a whole, digital transformation is an umbrella term that describes any efforts of a business to utilize digital technology to improve or amend current operations. It includes items such as migrating to cloud-based software, utilizing digital platforms, and general automation made possible by implementing innovative technology. We finally decided on the partnership with Board and the Board software, after a successful two-day Proof-of-Concept workshop with the Board team. They managed to map our process, design, and planning requirements in a unified model. In addition, the financial risk related to the moderate project cost was easy to calculate and justify. Furthermore, expert consulting teams within KPMG Germany provided support and advice to us on all questions related to the design and implementation of the Board software.

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We collaborated across functions to understand work from home risks within Ally and across our third parties, and implemented new monitoring tools in real time. Enterprise Architects using new EA approaches can help to support these large legacy organizations. EAs can give the right insights to the right people and empower colleagues to make better decisions. However, new EA methods can help large organizations to think and act like smaller, agile businesses and deliver an excellent customer experience while thriving in the digital era.

digital financial transformation

Full responsibility for the digitalization implementation and resources lies on the vendor. Turn to ScienceSoft to quickly fill your team’s skill gaps with experienced IT talents. Creates a test strategy, a test plan, and test scenarios to perform functional and non-functional testing.


To increase agility and resilience and improve customer experiences in the years ahead. Delivered custom debtor management software that automates debt collection procedures and integrated the solution with the customer’s accounting system. Turn to ScienceSoft for a fully managed team of professionals to ensure smooth digitalization of your finance. IT consultants and PMs having experience in large digitalization projects for Fortune 500 companies. ScienceSoft estimates the TCO and ROI for each digitalization initiative and analyzes the economic feasibility of transformations.

  • KPMG Germany also had access to internal teams of experts who were able to support every aspect of the Board design and implementation.
  • While there are plenty of advantages of adopting a digital finance transformation system, they can bear fruit only if you approach the process wholeheartedly.
  • Introducing a risk mitigation plan that covers such risks as operational complexity, financial data leakage, non-compliance with sectoral regulations, project cost and time overruns.
  • Working with the client, we began by focusing on a data strategy and the necessary changes involving people and organizational structure needed to support that strategy.

Digital trends have also drastically changed the financial services landscape, driving institutions to transform operations and providing new impetus to seamless digital services. Among the flurry of new technology solutions and the mounting pressure to deliver, it can be easy to forget an essential truth — the future of finance functions will be a synergy between relevant technologies and suitably skilled teams. Finance transformation in 2021 and beyond will depend on this fine interplay between digital finance technology trends and people willing to adapt and achieve forward-looking goals. This includes looking for ways to strengthen search tools within your database, automate task execution, and improve business processes. In short, digital transformation provides support to finance teams making their jobs easier and their operations more efficient.

Typical Roles on ScienceSoft’s Finance Digitalization Teams

Interestingly, 37% of our respondents estimated that they spent 21% – 40% of their time on manual tasks , while 22.2% said they spent up to half of their time on tedious tasks that added little value or impact. 78% respondents wish to prioritize the enhancement of existing capabilities of their ERPs, Data Analytics using visualization tools and Robotic Process Automation as deployment of emerging technologies. The internet has proved itself time and again to be one of the most lucrative business environments in any industry, and that doesn’t exclude the finance industry. By submitting your email address, you acknowledge that you have read the Privacy Statement and that you consent to our processing data in accordance with the Privacy Statement . If you change your mind at any time about wishing to receive the information from us, you can send us an email message using the Contact Us page.

Challenges posed by events like global pandemics are impossible to predict. While those factors are outside the control of financial services companies, how they interact with their customers is something they can control. Lastly, the project saw the successful centralisation of non-strategic P2P activities, including successful go-lives for benefits, accounts payable, and time and expense system implementations. Embarking on digital transformation holds enormous promise for your organization in the form of reduced costs, increased operational efficiencies, greater value to your customers, and future-proofing for tomorrow’s business landscape. The bad news is that around 70% of digital transformation efforts fail. This point of view is aimed at finance executives, wishing to pursue the second avenue.

New Enterprise Architecture to Enable Adjustments in Company Culture

Because the organisation was already working with various technology consulting partners, all parties involved had to engage each other and work seamlessly to ensure smooth implementation. This required significant effort, especially given the unique constraints of the pandemic, which required that both internal subject matter experts and external partners interact remotely across the organisation’s 10 geographic domains. As was the case with most projects last year, the onset of the pandemic forced changes and tested the resilience of the engagement team. The team’s track record of success with the organisation proved to be invaluable during this challenging period.

digital financial transformation

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