The 6 Best Place To Live In Riverside California Country

We believe it’s our mission to help people find the best communities in Riverside County because it’s such a wonderful place. We’ll go over five of the best places to live in riverside California in this blog post. We will discuss employment, amenities, housing costs, and safety. Anyone considering moving to Southern California or relocating should read this blog post carefully. While Riverside County can be a great place to live, there are some cities and neighborhoods that we should avoid.

The Best Place To Live In Riverside California



Corona is the westernmost city of Riverside County. This best place to live in riverside california close to Orange and Los Angeles counties, Corona has one of the highest house prices in Riverside County in terms of price per square foot. When all five cities are included, Corona has the highest price per square foot at $337, with Riverside coming in second at $328.

Highways 91 and 15 in this area are a traffic nightmare. This is why many people, especially those working in the West, choose to live in Corona. Although Riverside is only 10 miles east, you may have to drive an extra 30 to 45 minutes a day if you live there.

The areas just west of freeway 91 and Home Gardens along 91 Fwy, just after 15 Fwy to the east, are places that I advise people to stay away from.

Like many southern California communities, Corona has a few really lovely counties. It has both good and bad parts. Corona is a best place to live in riverside California with lots of restaurants and shopping. Homes get a little cheaper and there’s less traffic in the areas as you head south on Highway 15. Living south of 15 FWY has the downside of extending row times. day. The Inland Empire’s busiest interchanges will be those at 15 and 91.

My recommendation is to go as close to the Green River exit as possible if you like Corona and work west. As a result, your commuting time will be significantly reduced.

Norco and Eastvale, located north on Highway 15, are two other towns extremely close to Corona. Property zoned for breeding is common in Norco, a community with many horses. Compared to Riverside and Corona, Eastvale is a brand new community that has been developed in the last 20 to 25 years. Check out both of these cities if you’re coming off Highway 10.


Compared to Woodcrest or Downtown, Orangecrest is the best place to live in riverside California that came out in 1986. Mission Grove and March Air Force Base surround Orangecrest. Single-family homes are prevalent in the neighborhood. Orange Terrace Community Park and its vicinity near freeway 215 make this Waterfront neighborhood the most sought after. Baseball and softball diamonds, basketball courts, picnic areas, and waterslides are all available at Orange Terrace Park.

Shopping centers on Van Buren and Trautwein Avenue are located near the road where you can shop. Four elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools, including King High School, are located nearby.

In Orangecrest, the median price of a four-bedroom property is $450,000, and the typical monthly rent for a four-bedroom home is $2,800.

Hawarden Hills

Hawarden Hills

The name Hawarden is a Riverside gem native to the British Isles. The British ancestors who invested and settled in Arlington Heights brought them with them from the British Isles.

The single family homes in the best place to live in riverside california Hawarden Hills are located on large parcels of land and the size of the property, and only a few residential blocks are planned along Victoria Avenue.

The School for the Deaf and Poly California High School, two highly regarded schools, are located nearby.

The typical cost of a four-bedroom home is $575,000, while a four-bedroom rent is $4,000 per month.


Victoria is part of the venerable and legendary Arlington Heights neighborhood. According to Riverside City statistics, this best place to live in riverside California has the fourth highest homeownership rate in the city. The neighborhood was built in part by developer Matthew Gage, who also contracted Priestly Hall to create a Victorian-style home on Victoria Hill. The Rockledge house is still present on the hill. The stunning three-story residence Rockledge, recently restored to impeccable condition, is a perfect example of Victorian architecture.

The Victoria Country Club is a must-visit if you’re into golf. Five illuminated tennis courts, a 25-yard 6-lane swimming pool, a fitness center, a dining area, and an elegant Victorian clubhouse are all located inside the beautiful, private Country Club.

Poly Tech High School, California School for the Deaf, and Gage Middle School are excellent local institutions.

A four-bedroom home in the area costs an average of $575,000 to buy. A four-bedroom rental unit costs an average of $2,200 per month.


This best place to live in riverside California has great neighborhoods, wineries, old town, great weather and lots of golf courses Temecula is one of the least expensive places to buy a home in the South California and definitely a gem. (That has changed slightly in the past 12 months.)

There are many communities in Temecula. If you like horses, that’s available. Yes, we have land that can be used for farming. Yes, we have housing options if you want to live near or on the golf course.

Most communities of this best place to live in riverside California charge HOAs, but you’ll get a lot out of your money. Almost every neighborhood has its own pool, hot tub, basketball court, volleyball court, boardwalk, and more. for less than $100 per month.

Look no further than Temecula if you are looking for a family-friendly community with excellent schools. Temecula has excellent reviews all over California, not just in Riverside County, as can be shown by conducting a quick Google search.

The average price of a property as of the publication date of this article would be close to $650,000. Yes, there are options in the mid-$500s and you can buy a house there that is about 2,000 square feet.



Murrieta will have 15–20% cheaper housing at the end of the route than Temecula. Since Murrieta is not expensive, people often choose it. It is not true that Murrieta is cheaper or less beautiful than Temecula. Temecula and Murrieta easily rank among the top five great places to live in Riverside County.

There is also an Old Town in Murrieta, although this best place to live in riverside california is not as large or crowded with eateries and pubs as Old Town Temecula. Since Murrieta has more land, I also believe it is expanding a bit faster than Temecula.

Bear Creek Golf Course, a lovely private golfing community, is one of Murrieta’s distinctive locales. Visit this site for more details and a movie about the neighborhood.

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