How Long To Take From Long Beach To Riverside By Different Transportations

Have you ever wondered how far and how long it takes you to go from Long Beach to riverside by different transportations? Currently, you can go from Long Beach to riverside by many different means. And for your convenience in traveling and planning we will provide you with information about getting from Long Beach to riverside by different transportations.

Getting From Long Beach To Riverside By Different Transportations

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Driving Non-Stop

How far is Long Beach to Riverside (California)? If you drive this relatively short distance without stopping, the immediate response is as follows.

Drive 95 kilometers or 59 miles continuously

1 hour, 2 minutes were spent driving.

Even if you can travel this distance without stopping, stopping along the route can be more fascinating. To figure out how long it would take if you made stops along the way, scroll down.


Let’s now imagine you have a private jet and can go between Long Beach, California, and Riverside, California, as quickly as possible in a straight line. The shortest distance, as determined by an iterative Vincenty formula, is actually the “great circle” distance, or “as the crow flies,” due to the curvature of the Earth.

  • Flight distance: 47 miles or 76 km
  • Flight time: 36 minutes

Driving distance is approximately 1.2 times as long as taking a flight because it is 12 miles shorter in a straight line.

A car would take twice as long to go as your jet does, thus the flight takes only half as long.

Although the private flight is only a short distance away, you might be considering making a reservation for a commercial airline. Then, you would need to include in the time it takes to go to your local airport, wait for security, board and taxi on the runway, take off from one airport, land at the other, and then proceed to your destination. To receive a more precise estimate of your actual travel time, scroll down to see a more practical calculation that accounts for all these aspects.

Road Trip

Road Trip

Consider a scenario in which you are seriously considering taking a road trip from Long Beach to Riverside  (California) and want to make a stop to investigate. If you’re doing a true road trip, you might wish to stop at some cool locations along the way or eat at a fantastic restaurant. Trippy is ideal for helping you meticulously organize your travel itinerary.

  • Road trip: 1 day of driving
  • Travel time: 1.5 hours on the road

We can calculate your total travel time for this trip now that the entire itinerary is set out.


Beginning in Long Beach.

After around 23 minutes of driving, stop to Little Saigon and spend about an hour there. Drive for a further 11 minutes, then stop at Disney’s California Adventure, where you should spend the next hour. After 16 minutes of driving, stop at Yorba Linda and spend an hour there. After 20 minutes of driving, stop in Corona and spend an hour there. After a 14-minute drive, halt at the Sands Motel, where you’ll spend an hour.

Finally, after a 17-minute journey, you will reach Riverside (California).

Airports And Flights

Airports And Flights

We made a simple estimate above assuming you have your own plane and only need to know the amount of time it takes to fly between cities. However, most of us will be traveling on commercial aircraft (in first class or coach). Therefore, we have to account for the additional time required to get to the airport, wait for the plane, and travel to the destination.

We’ve compiled flight schedules with actual airports to give you a clearer idea of how real-life travel works. Finally, you’ll be able to change this itinerary by choosing the airports and airlines that work best for you. But to give you an idea of how airport travel works these days, here’s an illustration we’ve chosen.

Based on the distance between the airport and downtown, we may calculate the travel time once the airports have been chosen.

  • 52 minutes for traveling to the airport
  • You will arrive there in 133 minutes.

Finally, let’s take a look at a real American Airlines aircraft that departs from LAX, connects through PHX, and then lands at LGB. We may calculate the total time required for flying, taking into account the time for takeoff and landing, time spent taxiing on the runways, and an average layover period of roughly two hours.

  • Time of takeoff: one hour and twenty minutes

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport serves as a hub airport (PHX)

  • Time for the connecting flight: 1 hour, 18 minutes

Now that we have an idea of the total travel time from Long Beach to Riverside (California), we can add up the time it takes to get to and from the airports, the 2 hours or so it takes to go through TSA security at the departure airport, the 2 hours it takes to get to the gate, and the 2 hours it takes to get to the connecting flight.

  • Time spent traveling: 10 hours

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