Enjoy a Festival without Drugs with The Most Effective Tips

How to enjoy a festival without drugs? Here are ariverside‘s best tips for enjoying the festivities clean and sane, while keeping yourself safe and in good health. Let’s get started!

The festival is an opportunity for you to enjoy the best it has to offer. Depending on the type of ceremony with different organizational purposes, you should look for themed festivals, music festivals, or special festivals in your country. They are mostly healthy festivals and require active participants, not drug addicts.

You can attend one of these events and have a good time without drinking or taking drugs. They will bring you more amazing things than you think you previously missed! Before engaging in this type of activity, you should think carefully about your options and prepare for your trip well.

How to enjoy a festival without drugs

Take care of yourself

Self-care will be essential to your success both throughout your rehabilitation and in the future. Lack of self-care frequently results in the desire to abuse alcohol or drugs in the first place. Be sure to recover, get adequate rest, and consume a balanced diet. If you’re outside, wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water. Stay healthy by exercising regularly and participating in outdoor activities. We are sure you will become more active and playful!

Bring a companion

Bring a companion

Don’t attend festivals with pals if you’ve ever been wasted and high there. It was a trap because it was too simple to go back into bad habits. When you are not used to the fact that you will be awake to participate in games or music parties, you should invite someone or a group of friends such as friends, neighbors, colleagues, …

But you should note that the person must be sober and pure enough for you to limit the bad effects. In addition, with more friends, you will not be alone. A good tip is that you and that person should plan together in advance so you can be sure that everything will go smoothly and well.

Make a sober plan

Make sure you try your best to get rid of that component because many of us use it when we’re worried. Knowing what you’re doing is one of the finest ways to reduce the stress of the holiday season. Before you go, find out where the restrooms are, if you are allowed to carry bottled water, and other information about the location. Based on what you should anticipate from the location, make sure you have everything you need.

Make sure there is someone you can phone in case of emergency or if you need to leave as quickly as possible, in addition to the people you attended the event with. To be at your side in case you need them, keep a friend or family member who can assist nearby. Someone in recovery may be triggered by even the smallest of events, like a flat tire.

Choose where you will join

Choose where you will join

Stay close to home, especially if it’s your first event sober. Where you have support and won’t get stranded is at home. Take a long drive only when you’re prepared. When you’re on a road trip, out all night having fun, or attempting to travel great distances, it’s far more difficult to maintain that rational mentality.

Then, if you’ve started to get used to healthy activities and you feel that you’re responding well to them, you can think further. A great place for a themed party or a large festival with a healthy purpose such as cultural exchange between countries, year-end, Christmas,…

Practice your dance moves

Any weird movements your body makes while you’re attempting to feel the music are a request from the drug. You should start working out if you’re attempting to avoid seeming as though you’ve been electrocuted and/or drowned on the dance floor. Find someone who you feel is moving in the manner you wish to imitate and try to move like them. Or at the very least, mentally take notes so you may practice at home.

Replace drugs with items that contain a little caffeine

Replace drugs with items that contain a little caffeine

The first time you’re trying to stay awake for a music festival, you may find it hard to stay awake when you’re not using it. This will make it difficult to enjoy everything around. It’s so bad! At this point you may want to give up the game and continue taking the drug that will make things more interesting. But not! You have more options than you think! Enjoy some coffee or tea, unless you are unable to do so. You should drink green tea in particular because it contains caffeine without giving you the jitters.

Try chewing gum or a fun drink

If you’re used to always having a drink on hand, many different situations will cause you to turn to alcohol as a first response. While you’re recovering, you need to change your perspective. Make it into gum or sweets if you start to feel queasy or merely want to eat it or utilize it. Instead of looking for the eerie drink that was once in your palm, you’ll get rid of the dry mouth sensation and keep yourself occupied.

If this is part of a pre-arranged plan, bring fruit, sweets and sour drinks that can stimulate the taste buds and bring refreshment to your tongue. Alternatively, you can also request a nutritious recommendation from a waiter. Interesting drinks and unique flavors will make you forget about the bad drinks of the past.

Bottom line

You will probably worry about this event for a long time if you enjoy a festival without drugs. If so, remember why you started and why do you want to join? Think of the great things you are about to do with your friends and enjoy music and games to the fullest. When you have a wonderful time clean and sober at your festival, it will change your life! Find the right festival for you and start preparing now!

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