5 Best Panama City Beach Restaurants that Local People Enjoy

The Florida county of Bay is where Panama City Beach is located. It is renowned for its fine sand beaches, clear water, and laid-back atmosphere. As a matter of fact, Panama City Beach is well known throughout the world for having some of the top Panama City Beach Restaurants in the world!

Additionally, Panama City Beach is a haven for foodies as it has some incredible restaurants serving both local and foreign cuisine. Discover more about the top Panama City Beach Restaurants by reading on! I loved my time in Panama City Beach and can’t wait to return there again.

5 Best Panama City Beach Restaurants that Local People Enjoy

1. Pineapple Willy’s restaurant

Pineapple Willy’s is a Panama City Beach Restaurants that cannot be beaten. This should undoubtedly be your first stop on your trip. Pineapple Willy’s is a popular local hangout, and the enthusiastic staff has been serving up fresh seafood since 1984.

Panama City Beach Restaurants

What is their secret to remaining one of the best Panama City Beach Restaurants? It has to be their passion for the community and serving delicious food! Pineapple Willy’s, on the other hand, is much more than just a place to get fresh fish. They’re also famous for their ribs, stunning beach views, cocktails, and live music. They do not accept reservations, so arrive early to secure a table with the best view. As you might expect, this place fills up quickly.

2. Wicked Wheel’s Panama City Beach Restaurants

This is Pineapple Willy’s sister Panama City Beach Restaurants, but the menu and vibe are completely different! Even though The Wicked Wheel isn’t as close to the beach, its hip interior, great food, and family-friendly dining experience more than makeup for it. The restaurant serves delectable smoked wings as well as local craft beer on tap. If that wasn’t enough, they’ve been named ‘Best Fried Chicken’ in Bay County for the past seven years.

Panama City Beach Restaurants

As you might expect, this is not a restaurant that caters solely to tourists. The Wicked Wheel is also popular among the locals. As a result, this is a strong recommendation for those looking for an authentic local experience. Another reason to visit The Wicked Wheel is that they have a lifestyle shop where they sell clothes and accessories that reflect their love of motorcycles and hot rods. I have to get that merchandise!

3. The Grand Marlin of Panama City Beach

Private meeting rooms, an outdoor North Drop Bar with views of the Grand Lagoon, and an oyster bar that is shucked to order are all features of the Grand Marlin Restaurant. The finest cuisine, including the freshest local seafood, is served at this Panama City Beach Restaurants, which exudes an island-style casualness. The menus are created and printed every day to take advantage of the local bounty.

Panama City Beach Restaurants

The region of Panama City Beach and the Caribbean are blended together by the atmosphere. Gregg McCarthy, the corporate executive chef, has a passion for delicious food and especially enjoys working his culinary magic with fresh seafood from the Gulf Coast. In the dining room, the North Drop Bar, and the oyster bar, boaters, and beachgoers are at ease wearing shorts and flip-flops. The Grand Marlin is excited to create an authentic experience between time and tide and has a space and atmosphere for all occasions.

4. Coconut Charlie’s Panama City Beach

Charlie was an irritable accountant who adored P&L sheets (to squeeze.) It’s possible that he was a little, well, salty. Charlie then developed a craving while crunching numbers one day. Yes, for food, but also for a little entertainment. He exchanged ties for tees and flip-flops for wingtips. He simply stood up and one-eighted his way onto the beach from the office. He declares that he will never return. But consider this: You can remove the businessman from the — oh, you all are familiar with the cliche. Charlie had an idea while he was eating, drinking, and dancing on the sand.

Panama City Beach Restaurants

You could say it’s the craving of the entrepreneur. For all the food and entertainment in one incredible location. As a result, he established Coconut Charlie’s Beach Bar & Grill. Come and embody Charlie. At least for the evening, getaway. The skies are gorgeous, and the breeze is cool. He still smells a little salty, but this is the beach, and everyone and everything else is here as well.

5. Gallion’s Panama City Beach Restaurants

Starting at 5 p.m. every day, GALLION’S serves an adult-only dinner to patrons who are at least 18 years old. We welcome visitors of all ages for a family-friendly lunch dining experience every day from 11 am to 3 pm. At 11:00 am, our bar opens. In the center of Rosemary Beach on Scenic Highway 30A, Gallion’s is a welcoming, upscale restaurant and cocktail lounge. The culinary experience is driven by elegant small plates, and the menu is anchored by expertly prepared coastal favorites.

Panama City Beach Restaurants

A wide variety of brands in the Buffalo Trace vintage collection as well as Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon are among the wine and spirits offered by the establishment, which has a very vibrant and lavish wine and spirits portfolio. Bold cocktails, a sizable supply of allocated goods, outstanding food, and a classic setting are the distinguishing features of this upcoming Rosemary Beach institution. Bookings can be made 30 days in advance.


I’ve already compiled a list of Panama City Beach Restaurants that you can use as a guide while you’re there. Thank you for reading and see you later!

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