‘The L keyword Generation Q’ S2E1 Recap: “long drawn out hours, shitty pay.”

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Season 2, Episode 1: later toward celebration

The central stress of your event is actually Dani and Sophie’s wedding ceremony, although it starts during the “wedding rehearsal meal” (whatever the hell that is).

Sophie walks in during the last-minute, like she for some reason had nothing at all to do with the organization of her own rehearsal dinner, therefore we can extrapolate that Dani along with her parent have organized it to match their unique wide range. Don’t Dani get a stand against her father’s filthy dealings and disown him final period?

This indicates the tension between Sophie and Dani about course is, for reasons uknown, no further a problem within relationship. Still, there are various other tensions: Sophie’s pressured because this lady hasn’t advised Dani concerning the affair she had with Finley.

However, Sophie places apart her guilt and walks down the section. Dani walks along the aisle also, therefore all know exactly after that take place after that. It is precisely the downright worst land of each hetero flick actually ever:

Finley appears and confesses her love.

This is probably the cringiest thing the tv show features actually ever placed you through. Through which What i’m saying is aside from when Alice and Nat confessed their own really love while Alice had been mid-interview with Roxanne Gay.

I am gritting my personal teeth simply composing this, so let’s move ahead.

Another central Gen Q figure is actually Micah, and he fundamentally doesn’t have story thus far except that setting up together with his ex (who is M a roentgen roentgen we elizabeth D). And he gets the


is crazy at Sophie for maybe not telling Dani about the woman event.

This script writing simply very nuanced.


ow, onto our very own initial cast. First of all: Alice.

For me, Alice’s figure has become destroyed. She and Nat will always be with each other. We see them carrying out residential stuff, but with ‘a twist’; they fall the youngsters at school, next decide to have intercourse in the back of the vehicle. Er… okay?

Then Gigi turns up. Where from? I am not sure. Regardless, her presence becomes a main plotline: how to approach Gigi following unsuccessful thruple.

Another main story point is actually Alice becoming an envious, possessive jerk to Nat at the aforementioned wedding ceremony. We dunno friends, that has been down because.

Alice’s next appearing plotline is actually the woman profession removing… For Some Reason. As soon as we last kept Alice, this lady chat program was actually on the stones. Today it really is flourishing? So much in fact that she’s a new phase, and she supplies the work to Sophie, saying it will be “long several hours and shitty pay.”

We yelled on at this stage.

Shitty pay?!

Go through the wide range Alice features built up. TAKE A LOOK AT HER MONEY.

Alice must prevent, and I want to end considering her before we crack it.


oving to Bette.

She actually is back, and with some exemplary match jackets and clothing cuffs. The woman surfacing storyline is all about her brand new job at some elegant gallery, in which she actually is again getting the champ of marginally oppressed musicians.

She’s simply


altruistic inside her wide range. Like when she hugged those individuals from the queer housing! Yet… whenever Tina along with her fiancé Carrie stop by for a call, absolutely some truly judgemental and uncomfortable talk about Carrie utilizing a Groupon for a Vietnamese bakery.

Bette’s different storyline is tied up with Tina, considering program it is. Tina seems to be straight back regarding program as a central figure, with Carrie in tow (as my companion revealed, finally someone with a super dykey haircut).

Bette’s experience lonely, so she is been created on a night out together with Gigi. They’re going for some incredibly elegant club, where they once more encounter Tina and Carrie. Gigi jumps on Bette’s classist bandwagon and is particularly mean to Carrie. This turns Bette regarding, so the girl and Gigi kiss. Which, if I’m truthful, switched myself on (against my personal better reasoning).

Tina and Carrie are receiving married – yes, another marriage story – and, seem, we kinda like Tina now. Upon representation, the depictions of Tina in original L Word show were grounded on some quite deep misogyny and biphobia. Nonetheless, she could possibly be very frustrating often.

Anyway, with Tina and Carrie’s wedding quickly approaching, Bette, Tina, and Carrie (after the Groupon fiasco) all choose to tell Angie regarding it. But Angie’s a lot more worried about determining exactly who the lady semen donor is.

Unclear what’s to come right here, but we sense some drama. These are crisis, why don’t we explore Shane.


hane’s plot line is actually simply about her asleep around and the steps this comes back to haunt the lady. Keep in mind “my enthusiast Cindy”? That was prepared in countless methods.

We very first see Shane accompanied by the woman puppy and entering a casino poker online game that will cost you $10k. There’s some extremely Shane songs playing in back ground. She actually is been asked to your video game because Tess works there (hi Tess, i really like you), however the casino poker game is operate by Lena Waithe.

I really don’t understand what goes on making use of plotline anyway at this time. This indicates Lena Waithe’s wife is actually an individual known as Chloe, exactly who we just see for another when she gives Shane a beer. Subsequently Chloe and Shane text and Lena Waithe is actually mad about it, thus she kicks Shane and Tess out from the 2nd $10k poker online game.

This could possibly happen a significant minute about Shane’s white advantage, nevertheless types of produced no sense. Plus, it actually was gross that Chloe didn’t reach speak for by herself when two masc men and women fought about their. And the majority of significantly, it absolutely was a game title that cost

ten thousand bucks



their is just another example (thus begins my pro-communist rant) in the diminished course analysis contained in this tv show. Firstly, Shane can merely go to a poker night and pay the $10k. But Tess, just who operates at Shane’s bar, in addition works during this poker evening. Shane’s staff provides two jobs, while Shane has actually $10k to blow on casino poker.

Exactly why isn’t Shane paying Tess an income salary? Once the original gang – sans Tina, why wasn’t Tina welcomed? – are at Shane’s bar, it appears becoming jam-packed. She’s accumulating much more wealth in addition to that slim early in the day story about the girl having intercontinental hair salons.


This entire circumstance is actually extra annoying because Shane will be the initial show’ working-class personality. Do you ever recall that she originated the foster care system? And therefore when we very first found the woman she was actually very bad that she contributed a space with several others while trying to become a hairdresser?

She had some pretty intense trauma inside her last, so it is maddening your just storyline line she has, still, is actually asleep about together with effects that delivers. There could be much more to her than a “player” who is so harmed she cannot hold-down a wife.


In addition, where did the lady puppy go after that basic world?


epictions of Shane dealing with negative repercussions for asleep around, paired with the multiple matrimony plots, show that monogamy and relationship is actually again the main focus within this period versus queer relationship and neighborhood.

Regarding of their many faults, the original

L Word

had, at their key, the relationship between main characters. While their intimate interactions happened to be key to the crisis – and indeed The Chart was actually also – it absolutely was most importantly about their connections and fascination with the other person.

Now we merely see the original cast collectively a couple of times inside the entire event, while the central relationship selection of the Gen Q cast has become broken up by a love involving the two close friends. Although this will make for most crisis, it takes out of the reality of a lot of queer life: the friendships and chosen family.

And I also mean, truthfully Finley, exactly why do you actually keep returning? Alice demonstrably is not paying you a full time income salary, since you in addition work at Shane’s bar!


nyway, i am trying to put every one of the above aside so that I’m able to give attention to Angie and her surfacing really love story with Jordi.

I am additionally keen to see if Micah has some more interesting plotlines this season, and whether Tess becomes a far more main personality.

And, easily’m honest, i do want to see what happens with Bette and Gigi. Don’t judge me personally.

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